Doctors Say Sleeping On Your Left Side Is Crucial for Your Health

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Sleeping on your left side has a lot of benefits for your overall health. If you have been tossing and turning trying to get comfortable this information could be invaluable to you.

Some people have already decided the answer to this question, but there are others that may doubt if this is the right position for them when they have trouble falling asleep.

Would you be more rested if you slept on your stomach or would your back be better. Experts recommend the left side.

There is a new alternative medicine from India called Ayurveda, used by a Dr. John Douilard, to explain why sleeping on your left side is possibly the best way to give your body the rest that it needs.

Here are a few reasons why the left side is the best one for the job.

1.) Digest Properly

Dr. Douillard writes on LifeSpa that food waste will process faster by sleeping in the left side position due to the way your intestines travel across your stomach.

The Food will ultimately travel quicker from the small intestine to the large intestine and then into the descending colon. He also states that you should try to take a 10 minute rest lying on your left side to prevent the “food coma” syndrome.

2.) Lymphatic Draining

The biggest part of the lymphatic system is on the left side of your body. When lymphatic congestion occurs it is usually on the left hand side.

If you sleep on the left side you allow gravity to take away some of the pressure of lymph drainage from your spleen and heart which are both on the left side of your body.

All of these reasons point to the fact that the left side is a clear winner in the competition of what position you should sleep in.

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Dr. Steven Park, a sleep professional, told WebMD that you trying to forcefully change the position you are used to sleeping in can actually make things worse.

You will be breaking your sleeping habits, but if you were having trouble finding a comfortable position, give the left side a try.

3.) Spine and Breathing

The New York Times explains that if you do not have a favored position, the left side position is the best side to sleep which is based on numerous studies.

This also gives your lungs the best optimal air flow as stated by WebMD. If you sleep on your back you are putting too much pressure on the hips and upper back.

This in turn leaves your lower back suspended and that in the long run can be harmful. By sleeping on your stomach you are straining both the neck and the lower back areas.

Do you feel better after sleeping on your left side?

Let us know what you think. Tell us in the comments section below 🙂

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