The Benefits of Naproxen and How It Can Help You Manage Pain

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Are you among the 20% of women that experience severe menstrual cramps every month?

Or perhaps you’re one of the 37 million Americans struggling with regular migraines?

No matter what kind of pain you’re dealing with, we know that you’re willing to try just about anything in order to make it go away. However, we also know that the recent coverage surrounding the opioid and painkiller addiction crisis might have you nervous about taking pain medications.

The good news?

Naproxen is a safe and effective solution for pain management. But what is it, and how exactly does it work?

Read on to find out.

What Is Naproxen?

Before we get into the benefits and side effects of Naproxen, let’s first make sure you’re clear on what it does and how it’s effective.

It’s part of a classification of drugs known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAID for short.

NSAIDs are used to treat and manage the pain that comes with other long-term illnesses and physical conditions.

Most often, it’s taken by people that deal with severe migraines/headaches, intense menstrual cramps, muscle and dental pain, arthritis, and even stiffness in the joints.

So, how do NSAIDs work as a pain management tool?

Your body creates two main enzymes in order to deal with pain: COX-1 and COX-2. Naproxen helps your body to create more of these enzymes, while also limiting your body’s creation of what’s called prostaglandin.

Prostaglandin is what’s responsible for increased inflammation in the body, and it may also lead to fever, aches, and even nausea. NSAIDs will also help to reduce swelling, making it a popular choice for those recovering from surgery and more minor injuries.

Keep in mind that it is not a steroid, which greatly decreases the risk of addiction or abuse. Many people use it as an alternative to more severe painkillers, especially as addiction rates continue to climb in the United States and beyond.

The Benefits Of Naproxen

One of the biggest benefits of Naproxen?

It’s available in a wide variety of forms. These include oral tablets, chewable tablets, a liquid suspension, and even gel-filled capsules. You can get it either as a base or as naproxen sodium, the salt form. In most cases, the base drug will be the stronger option.

Most people take about 220 mg of this medication throughout the day, and it’s usually taken once every 8-12 hours. Keep in mind that you should never exceed 660 mg of this medication in a 24-hour period.

More good news?

While in some cases, you may need a prescription in order to get Naproxen, usually, you can get it without one.

You can also save some serious cash by using generic options. This is an excellent way to save on the costs of medications, without risking your personal safety.

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While more familiar forms of this drug include things like Aleve, Pamprin, and Midol, there are likely far more generic options than you’re even aware of.

How To Take Naproxen

Now that you understand what this drug is, and why it carries so many benefits, let’s take a look at the best ways to take it.

Keep in mind that, especially if you’re starting a regimen of this drug, you may need to wait a minimum of one week in order to see the kind of relief you want.

If you’re still not experiencing relief after two weeks, then you may want to speak with a medical professional.

For best results, take this about an hour or so after eating — you may experience discomfort on an empty stomach. Never crush the tablet, and refrain from splitting pills unless directed by your doctor.

If you miss a dose, then be sure to take it as soon as you remember. Never take two pills in one day.

When it comes to storing this medication, always keep it at room temperature and away from any direct light. Ensure that it’s kept away from any moisture — so your bathroom cabinet, while convenient, may not be the best place for it.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Keep in mind that the best ways to mitigate the side effects of this drug are to ensure that you’re taking the drug correctly and to keep an open line of communication between yourself and your doctor.

For best results, refrain from taking this drug if you’re also taking ACE inhibitors, blood thinners, lithium, and receptor blockers like losartan.

Additionally, be aware that taking this drug might negatively interact with any aspirin regimens you’re currently taking.

Especially if you’re taking aspirin to decrease your chances of having a stroke or a heart attack, you may not want to take this drug. Keep in mind that NSAIDs are not meant to be taken over a long period of time. If you take them for too long, you may be at risk for high blood pressure.

In terms of side effects, you may experience temporary dizziness, exhaustion, tension headaches, and an upset stomach or vomiting. If these symptoms persist for more than two weeks or seem especially severe, you should get in touch with your doctor.

Where Can You Find Your Medications Online?

If you’re in pain due to menstrual cramps, an injury, or even more serious conditions like Osteoarthritis, there’s no reason for you to suffer in silence.

Instead, rely on the relief offered by Naproxen and other NSAIDs.

We know that, for many, the costs of these medications can sometimes feel prohibitive. If you’re concerned that you may not be able to afford your medication — or are just struggling to swallow the high price of your pills — we can help.

Spend some time on our website and pharmaceutical database to find discounts, coupons, and even to compare prices for the medications that you need.

Let’s work together to get the medications that will let you get your life back.

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  • here’s the problem that doctors and others don’t understand, not all of us can take naproxen, aspirin, Advil, – anti inflammatory meds because of other medical issues. I personally can not any over the counter pain meds because of a blood disorder. only thing i can take is pain meds prescribed by Dr that doesn’t have Tylenol, Morton, ibuprofen, etc in it.
    I’m so sick of hearing about the opiate epidemic, cause for one its a HEROIN EPIDEMIC and the less doctors write prescriptions, especially for ppl like me who really need them,, unfortunately they are pushing ppl to heroin. That’s a fact, seen it HAPPEN one to many times.
    So great for ppl who can take ibuprofen etc, your not helping ppl who have chronic pain, who can’t take those meds and just want to let ppl know the less doctors are willing to help terror patients who need it the more their helping their street corner drug dealer. This is what’s happening for a fact so keep it up so more ppl do heroin and turn yup the street. #fact #ownyoureyes #drsruininglivesthisway

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