Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea That Will Improve Your Health

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Green Tea Benefits

You’ve likely heard of green tea, you may even drink it on occasion. What you likely don’t realize, however, are the countless health benefits of green tea that come packed into that one little cup. Green tea is loaded with various antioxidants, nutrients and amino acids.

The potential health benefits associated with green tea include weight loss, improved mental clarity and disease prevention, to name a few. Many people, including Authority Nation , consider green tea to be healthiest beverage on Earth.

1.) Increases Mental Dexterity

Green tea contains a powerful combination of caffeine and L-theanine. Caffeine is a stimulant that has been found to improve mood, memory and awareness. L-theanine is an amino acid that helps to reduce anxiety and increase dopamine production.

While green tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee, the caffeine and L-theanine work together seamlessly to produce lasting, steady energy and increased brain function.

2.) Loaded with Antioxidants

The anticarcinogenic properties of green tea can be attributed to several key antioxidants. Chief among them is epigallocatechin gallate, commonly referred to as EGCG. Extensive research has been conducted in an effort to better understand the scope of ECGC’s cancer-fighting abilities.

Not only does EGCG inhibit the growth of cancer cells, it is capable of killing certain types of cancer. There are a variety of other catechins and flavonoids present in green tea which protect against cell damage, even damage caused by degenerative neurological conditions.

3.) Improves Dental Health

The catechins present in green tea protect not only the cells, but the teeth. Research indicates that these catechins suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. The inhibition of bacterial growth significantly reduces the likelihood of infection.

In a study conducted on men presenting with symptoms of periodontal disease, researchers found a direct correlation between symptom severity and green tea. Specifically, they found that subjects who consumed one or more cups of green tea per day displayed less symptoms than those who did not.

4.) Low Calorie Substitute

Green tea is an excellent alternative to soda and other high-calorie beverages. Habitual soda-drinkers can cut out as many as 50,000 calories per year simply by drinking green tea instead.

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That is roughly equivalent to 14 pounds per year, according to the Mayo Clinic. Green tea can also help to increase metabolism and fat burning!

5.) Boosts Heart Health

The antioxidants in green tea work to protect the cells from damage, which in turn prevents plaque from accumulating in the blood vessels. Drinking green tea can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease by improving arterial health and function.

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Which green tea benefits do you like the best?

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Benefits of Green Tea

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