Adding One of These 5 Plants to Your Bedroom Will Cure Your Insomnia

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Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy for those who suffer from anxiety, allergies, or asthma.

These conditions disrupt sleep so badly that most people wake up feeling exhausted every day.

Out of desperation, many turn to sleep-aids to solve the problem.

But these pills are addicting and harmful to the body when they are used repeatedly.

Luckily, there is a safer solution found right in your garden.

Read on to find out more about the way these five plants can help you sleep better.

1.) Lavender

This flower has been used for many years because of its calming effects.

It can be kept fresh in a window or dried and sewn into sachets and placed underneath your pillow at night.

lavender insomnia treatment

2.) Aloe Vera

Most people know about this plant because of its use in healing wounds.

But according to Wiki Nursery Live, it is also beneficial for increasing the oxygen in the air.

The more clean, pure oxygen that someone gets at night, the less that they will struggle to breathe.

aloe vera insomnia treatment

3.) English Ivy

This lovely vine is easy to start from a cutting.

Just put a piece of it that is a few inches long in a small glass of water.

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Once it sprouts roots, you can transfer it to a pot of soil.

According to, English Ivy will keep your air clean and free of mold that can make you struggle to breathe at night.

english ivy helps induce sleep
photo: wikimedia commons

4.) Snake Plant

This plant grows vertically for the most part.

It spreads out eventually, but it takes it a while.

Because of this, it is a good plant to set in a corner of the bedroom.

The snake plant can clean the air and increase the oxygen in it too.

snake plant helps induce sleep
photo: wikimedia commons

5.) White Jasmine

The small flowers from this plant have an intoxicating aroma that reduces anxiety and promotes healing.

You can grow jasmine easily in a sunny window that is closest to where your bed is for the best calming effect.

white jasmine for insomnia
photo: pinterest

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aloe vera insomnia treatment

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