Doctors Warn Parents About Hidden Dangers of Using Baby Wipes

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For a lot of parents, baby wipes are more than just a conveniencethey’re absolutely essential.

You can use baby wipes to clean a host of different messes; they’re go-to tools for fixing diaper leaks, sticky hands, grubby faces, removing stains and much more.

Most parents would hardly consider baby wipes to be in any way dangerous.

Evidence is mounting that suggests you should pay more attention to these innocuous cleanup tools if you want to keep your children as healthy as possible.

Breaking News Regarding the Dangers of Wipes

There’s a specific ingredient included in many different brands of baby wipes that could cause serious problems.

The study that identified this compound was recently featured on NBC News, and the science shows frightening results.

Children who suffered adverse reactions to this ingredient developed scaly, inflamed, and itchy skin where they came into contact with baby wipes.

Though this condition was initially hard to diagnose, careful study by dermatologists has conclusively linked the rash-like reactions to a single chemical.

Research-Verified Reactions

The study highlighted six specific children among its test subjects who experienced unique reactions.

An eight-year-old-girl presented severe skin reactions around her mouth and on her buttocks.

One of the study’s co-authors, Dr. Mary Wu Chang, wanted to delve deeper into this mysterious skin condition.

Dr. Chang questioned the girl’s mother and discovered that she had been giving her daughter baby wipes to clean the exact areas where the reaction appeared.

This case sparked Dr. Chang’s memory; she recalled a previous case where a similar reaction in an adult male in Belgium had been linked to a specific chemical preservative.

Dr. Chang then determined that the same chemical, methylisothiazolinone, was present in the baby wipes used by the girl in her study.

Verifying The Cause

Now that Dr. Chang had a suspect compound, she isolated it and tested her young patient for allergic reactions.

Sure enough, the girl proved to be allergic to methylisothiazolinone.

This proved beyond any doubt that the young child’s skin problems stemmed from the specific formulation of the baby wipes her mother was using.

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Fortunately, solving the problem was as simple as removing the chemical from the child’s environment.

As soon as the mother stopped using baby wipes, the daughter’s skin problems faded away.

Dr. Chang extended her research over the course of 18 months. In that time, she discovered five other children who experienced similar allergic reactions.

In each case, advising the parents to stop using baby wipes was enough to cure the skin condition.

Medical Consensus

Dr. Chang is not the only dermatologist who has noted the potential for allergic reactions linked to this preservative.

Dr. Ellen Frankel issued a similar caution in a news report (see video below), saying that parents should exercise general caution when using baby wipes with their children.

The many chemicals included in these products can easily irritate delicate skin, especially if it’s already been damaged by exposure to urine, feces, or other potential contaminants.

Protecting Your Children

In order to spare your kids from a painful and avoidable skin problem, take a closer look at the list of ingredients on your preferred brand of baby wipes.

“It’s a good idea to stop using wipes that contain methylisothiazolinone.”

Fortunately, the problem chemical has already been removed from many brands of baby wipes.

This is by no means the only ingredient in prepackaged wipes that might cause skin problems, though.

If you’re struggling with rashes and other skin conditions, try using a warm, damp cloth or all-natural DIY wipes in place of the ready-to-use products.

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