Here’s a disturbing news report on the growing problem of counterfeit prescription medications, often sold through organized crime syndicates in Third World countries:

How do you protect yourself against fake meds when you buy drugs online? Make sure the pharmacy you choose is properly licensed and accredited, like the Canadian pharmacies in the system. All pharmacies in our database must pass a 10-point test to become part of our system.

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If you choose to work with a pharmacy outside our system, please make sure to follow these safety tips.

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0 thoughts on “Avoid fake meds; shop at licensed pharmacies

  • I am so glad that you guys have the 10 point checklist before approving a pharmacy to be a part of your network. The last thing I want to worry about is getting useless or even dangerous medications by ordering from the wrong site.

  • Its so hard to determine who to trust these days. Having a checklist to help decide as well as a list of pre-screened places is the most useful thing I’ve come across yet.

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