AstraZeneca’s R&D strategy not big on innovation

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A series of recent high-profile drug failures has AstraZeneca’s chief executive David Brennan in search of new drugs for his pipeline. The London Times states,

As well as being costly, the failures have left the group dangerously exposed, with just a few products left in its late-stage pipeline and with patents on its existing line of big-selling drugs due to expire in only a few years time.

This has left AstraZeneca with some tough decisions about how to bounce back. When asked how AstraZeneca will respond, Brennan said,

Our primary focus is in areas where we have existing therapies… (and) are most likely to get a hit. Right now we are much more focused on areas where we are strong, rather than in diversity

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Basically, AstraZeneca will use the same strategy that got them into this mess to try to get themselves out. They will advertise the same old drugs more heavily, maybe test them for a few more uses, and possibly buy out some small biotech firms.

Isn’t doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results the definition of insanity?

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