Asthma Medication Prices: Cutting the Cost of Your Treatment

Asthma is a very common disease in the United States.  According to a 2013 article in The New York Times, more than 40 million people in the U.S. are affected by asthma.  The same article also talked about the rising costs of asthma medication prices in the U.S.  The medication for asthma comes in both pill form and as an inhaler.  While inhalers are commonly prescribed for the treatment of asthma, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2011 proved that pills can be just as effective as inhalers.  Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your asthma medication prices and at the same time extend your supply, particularly when it comes to the pill form of the medication.

Comparing Costs

Purchasing asthma medication online is certainly less expensive than in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.  One of the most commonly prescribed pill medications is Singulair.  Online, the Singulair price for 28 pills of 10 mg each is as low as $35.70.  In a brick and mortar pharmacy, 30 pills of the same dosage runs between $130 and $168.

However, there is still a way to get your asthma medication for much less, even when purchasing it online.  Consider the drug Accolate.  What if you were prescribed a 20 mg dosage?  If you could buy it online and the Accolate price was 93 cents per pill that would be great, right?  But what if you could get the 40 mg dosage at the same price per pill?  If your doctor would be willing to prescribe the 40 mg dosage and allow you to split the pills in half, you would be saving money.  If you do decide to split pills, then it is wise to buy a pill splitter at your local drug store or grocery store.  That way you will be sure to get the right dose every time.

Other Viable Options

If you have a “heart-to-heart” talk with your doctor, he or she is bound to help you reduce your asthma medication prices.  In addition to, or in conjunction with, the pill splitting option, your doctor can prescribe brands that are lower in cost or generic brands that are sure to save you money.  Doctors also often know of the best places to find your asthma medications at a lower cost and can point you to online sources and these options work even for inhaler medications.  Consider the Atrovent price for the brand name at $39.00 for 200 doses of 20 mcg each compared to $28.00 for 400 of the same dosage.

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What’s Best for You

Ultimately, you need to work with your doctor to determine the best route for you to take in cutting the cost of your asthma medication prices.  It can be difficult, particularly for those people with low incomes and no insurance, who often do without because they simply cannot afford it.  Now you know there are some options to discuss with your doctor.  You CAN breathe easier by working with your doctor to lower the price of your asthma medication.

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Asthma Medication Prices: Cutting the Cost of Your Treatment

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