Despite the increasing popularity of online shopping, many people still hesitate to use the Internet to fill their medical prescriptions. Because using one batch of fake or low-quality medication can be potentially dangerous to your health, it’s only natural to fear buying drugs from pharmacies you have never been to.

The fact that many online pharmacies that offer the best selection of products at the lowest prices are located abroad only makes buying prescription drugs on the Internet even more difficult. The truth is that there is no right answer to whether buying medication online is safe.

It all comes down to learning the difference between legitimate online pharmacies and fake pharmacies that operate as illegal pill mills. Shopping as an educated consumer is always the best way to avoid fraud and other problems.

The Basics of Using Legitimate Online Pharmacies

Because different types of drugs have different requirements, the first thing you need to determine is whether you can purchase your medication online without breaking any laws. In general, you can purchase any over-the-counter products on the Internet without questioning the legality of your transaction. When you buy drugs online, on the other hand, is a completely different process.

By law, you need to have a current prescription from a doctor in order to get it filled at an online pharmacy. You need your doctor’s written permission to get your prescription filled at a traditional pharmacy, so it makes perfect sense that legitimate online pharmacies would need to legally follow the same procedures.

That’s why it’s important to avoid any online pharmacies that don’t require your doctor’s permission to sell you prescription medication. Another warning sign you need to look out for is access to fake online consultations.

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Some online pharmacies try to get around the law that requires patients to have prescriptions from their doctors in order to buy prescription medication online by claiming that they have qualified doctors on staff who can diagnose patients over the Internet.

If you are told that you can get a diagnosis and a prescription by filling out a questionnaire online, chances are that you are dealing with an illegal operation.

Tips for Shopping at Legitimate Online Pharmacies

  • Get to know the laws that apply to your type of medication.
  • Avoid pharmacies that don’t ask for your prescription or other important information you would normally need to provide at a traditional pharmacy.
  • Make sure that the online pharmacy you use employs a qualified pharmacist to check over orders and communicate with customers.
  • Only shop at legitimate online and mail-order pharmacies that provide contact information in plain sight including their address and phone number.
  • Use online tools and resources to find accredited licensed pharmacies that follow all legal and licensing requirements in their country.

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