Are antidepressant drugs causing suicide?

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Reuters reports on grieving family members who are petitioning the FDA for new strong warnings on antidepressant drugs, arguing that the increased risk of suicidal behavior seen in children also applies to adults.

Many psychiatrists oppose these new warnings, afraid that the stronger warnings could scare away potential users from effectively treating their depression. As eCanada Now points out, depression itself, if gone untreated, can lead to suicide.

The Mass Tort Litigation Blog quotes a New York Times article

The Food and Drug Administration put forth its plan to update the drug labels at a meeting of outside advisers on the issue. The changes also would include a recommendation for careful monitoring, especially when patients are beginning treatment.

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Antidepressants have helped millions of people — and in many cases, researchers believe, have prevented suicide. But the current controversy highlights the importance of consulting with your physician before pursuing any treatment regimen — whether you are purchasing your medications at a brick-and-mortar pharmacy or online. That’s why we require all pharmacies that are part of the eDrugSearch database to insist on a confirmed prescription before distributing any medication.

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