AMA president urges physicians to lead in healthcare debate

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Dr. William Plested of the American Medical Association spoke to military medicine professionals in’s hometown of San Antonio last Friday.

Among his remarks, as reported by Nicole Foy of the Express-News:

Plested outlined several basic principles he said were necessary to revamp the current health care system: universal coverage through a combination of public and private insurance mechanisms; equal insurance tax benefits for both individuals and employers; and medical liability reform…

“This is all the subject of a national debate that’s rapidly gaining momentum,” Plested said. “Physicians must provide the leadership needed to make certain this is done right.”

I certainly agree with that. If doctors could muster even a fraction of the influence that the insurance companies and Big Pharma wield over Washington, we’d all be much better off.

I was also interested to hear what Plested had to say about military medicine:

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Those in military medicine are setting health care standards their civilian counterparts would do well to follow, Plested added … He … credited the military with setting up well-coordinated systems in which health care practitioners and physicians collaborate and work efficiently.

“Similar coordination in the rest of the medical delivery system is the only approach that appears to hold promise,” he said.

Hmmm. If the military does it so much better than our broken civilian system, why are so many people concerned about greater government involvement in healthcare? I’m afraid too many people have swallowed insurance and pharma industry propaganda hook, line and sinker.

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