10 Best Alkaline Diet Foods To Clean, Repair, And Regenerate New Cells

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Before we show you this amazing list of the top 10 best alkaline diet foods for your body lets talk briefly about your body’s equilibrium.

Your body goes through a litany of changes every day; even if you do your best to avoid stress and sickness, pollution can play a factor in your body’s daily routine.

With all of these changes happening so frequently, it is important that you keep your the cell health of your body in a healthy equilibrium by getting the proper nutrients to build and repair your cells.

Top 10 List of Alkaline Diet Foods

Here are a solid 10 foods rich in alkaline, a basic substance that can help to overwrite, replace and foster the development of cells within your body in order to bolster your immune system.

Here's #Top10 #foods rich in #Alkaline, a basic substance that can help to overwrite, replace and foster the development of cells within your body in order to bolster your #ImmuneSystem: #Teff, #Plums, #Achiote #SeaSalt #SourSop and more! Click To Tweet

1.) Teff

This grassy grain that originates from Ethiopia is chock full of nutrients that contribute to the growth and development of cells.

A steady diet of teff assists in cellular growth, reparation and reproduction.

teff alkaline food

2.) Plums

This fruit is one of the best sources for antioxidants.

A diet that includes regular servings of plums contributes to a strong healing factor and reduces chances of cancer.

plums - alkaline food

3.) Achiote

Also known as “annatto” or “bijol,” this reddish-orange seed is rich in norbixin, an antioxidant.

The natural anti-mutagenic qualities of this particular antioxidant also mean that healthy cells become more durable and resistant to disease.

 Achiote - Alkaline Foods

4.) Sea Salt

The texture of sea salt helps to balance the pH rating of blood and assist in the expulsion of excess acids during micturition.

 Sea Salt - Alkaline Foods

5.) Soursop

This antioxidant-rich fruit, which can be enjoyed in a variety of preparations, helps to keep cells clean and untainted.

Soursop nudges the development of white blood cells and can serve as a cellular purifier.

Despite its name, soursop’s flavor profile is similar to a hybrid of pineapple, strawberry and a slightly-acidic citrus.

Soursop - Alkaline Foods

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6.) Oregano

Oregano is supercharged with an array of beneficial organic compounds, including some that expedite white blood cell development.

Oregano - Alkaline Foods

7.) Wakame

This slightly-sweet seaweed contains a powerful organic compound known as “fucoxanthin.”

Fucoxanthin affects the development of fat within cells by oxidizing fat more quickly.

This compound is rare-to-nonexistent within other vegetables.

Wakame - Alkaline Foods

8.) Wild Rice

This is another food that does wonders for upping your white blood cell count; white blood cells are your body’s initial method of dealing with foreign substances.

White rice is also rich in compounds that contribute to the body’s development of collagen, a protein useful to repairing soft tissue, organs, arteries, veins and capillaries.

Wild Rice - Alkaline Foods

9.) Cantaloupes

This melon is an excellent antitoxin due to its high levels of beta-carotene and phytochemicals.

Beyond the obvious benefits to the immune system, cantaloupe’s health benefits extend to generating white blood cells.

Cantaloupes - Alkaline Foods

10.) Burro Bananas

Taking their name from the Spanish word for donkey, these hardy bananas are overflowing with iron and copper.

Both of these minerals aid in the generation of red blood cells and contribute to a healthy blood count.

 Burro Bananas - Alkaline Foods

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