As I was going through my morning email this morning, I came across an email from an Online Pharmacies Canadamember thanking me for helping her locate medication for her father online through the site, and saving her father $85 on his monthly prescriptions. She went on to say that the transaction went very smoothly, and if she would have known that it was so easy and safe to buy drugs online, she would have been ordering online years ago.

I truly enjoy hearing positive feedback from our members, and the email got me thinking. The ones that should really be thanked are the great pharmacies in our database, that offer excellent prices and go above and beyond to help their customers. After all, the pharmacies in our database reflect upon us, and keep people coming to to locate their medications.

So in light of my great epiphany, I am going to highlight a different pharmacy in our database each week that has met and exceeded the expectations of our customers, starting this week with Online Pharmacies Canada.

Online Pharmacies Canada has filled many prescriptions for our customers and we have never had a single complaint filed. Online Pharmacies Canada has a 3.5/5 star rating in our pharmacy rating system, and here are some of the things our members are saying about them:

Hello, I have recently received my medication order from Online Pharmacies Canada. I wanted to share that I had a wonderful experience. I was very reluctant at first but I was very satisfied with them. The customer service agent was very knowledgeable and helpful. Mostly importantly, I received my medication in the time line they said. It saved me time and money. I will be placing my next medication order with them as well.

I really have to give an excellent rating to the communication I received. There were problems with the shipping, but they explained why it took 3 weeks. You can trust them, I was a little leery, but I read other people’s reviews, and now I can tell other people this is a company you can trust.

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They are very quick about returning email questions. Delivery was spot on the day they said it would arrive. I would like to say thank you and you’re the best!

Like all the licensed Canadian pharmacies listed within the database, Online Canadian Pharmacies is fully licensed and certified from all major pharmacy accreditation sources and protects its customer’s information with McAfee secure and GeoTrust. Online Canadian Pharmacies has been satisfying customers for over 5 years now and has become a leader in the industry by offering quality medications and superb customer service.

Thanks Online Canadian Pharmacies and keep up the great work. We here at appreciate the way in which you do business, and how you treat your customers. Your customers are our customers, and it makes our job much easier when customers are happy with the service and products they are purchasing.

As I stated earlier, Online Canadian Pharmacies is just one of the great licensed online and mail-order pharmacies in our database that are safe, verified, and affordable.

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eDrugSearch founder, Cary Byrd, has been called an “e-health innovator” by MarketIntellNow, interviewed by top pharmaceutical industry journalists, invited to Matthew Holt’s Health 2.0 Conference and a Consumer Report's health summit, and highlighted on numerous health blogs.

Online Pharmacies Canada

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