Adderall, Ritalin among prescription drugs abused by college students

College kids are abusing prescription drugs more than ever before, and clearly shady Internet dealers are part of the problem. From UWire:

According to a Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse report, the percentage of college students abusing prescription drugs has increased dramatically over the past two decades … Heidi Cuda, the regional director for Iowa City, Iowa’s Mid-Eastern Council on Chemical Abuse, named Adderall and Ritalin as two prescription drugs commonly abused by students. The number of students taking these ADHD medications has increased 93 percent from 1993 to 2005…

“They are stimulants; they give you confidence and make you more alert,” she said. “People take them to stay up longer, but they usually crash, bringing their energy level lower than when they started.”

Jane Caton, an addiction counselor in chemical-dependency services at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, said the crash often comes at bad times for some students. “College students I’ve helped told me that people have fallen asleep during finals, probably the final they took the pills to stay up for,” she said…

The addiction center reported that these drugs are easily found on the Internet, but they are also available with a prescription from a physician, said Iowa City police Sgt. Troy Kelsay. Still, others may purchase drugs from people who have a valid prescription, he said.

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We strongly encourage college students to avoid Internet pharmacies that allow them to order drugs without a valid prescription from a doctor. It’s simply not worth the risk that you’ll receive tainted drugs.

Please always use the Five Tips when you buy drugs online.

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  • Michael Hammond says:

    Ritalin is basically an amphetamine and as such can be addictive. Novartis promotes this as a “cure” for childhood conditions and promtes it in the schools through school psychologists and psychiatrist. The marketing program works this way: take a disability or an emotion and add disorder to it ;convince schools,parents and teachers that these “disorders” are very bad and will get worse if something is not done about them now. Solution: Ritalin.
    The St Petersburg Times reports that Florida Schools have increased prescritions for Ritalin 250% in the last 3 years.
    Novartis makes billons on this drug. A very successful marketing program, wouldnt you agree?

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