Adderall is for ADHD (wink, wink)

I had not seen the Wired magazine article on “super-charging your brain” with the chart labeled “Do the Right Drugs” until I read about it in the New York Times. I’m still a little blown away by what I read.

The chart lays out the pros and cons of eight drugs that it says can “boost your cognitive output.” Included on the list is Adderall, the drug for ADHD that is being widely abused by young people these days.

So, what does Wired have to say about Adderall?

Thought to optimize levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, enhancing concentration and turning mundane tasks into wondrous ones. Often prescribed to ADHD patients (wink, wink).

Adderall has been called “college crack” — the new and improved Red Bull for late-night study sessions. Some doctors have even prescribed it for weight loss.

I guess it should come as no surprise, then, that when searching the Web for comparisons of Adderall and Ritalin, this is one of the first online discussions that pops up:

Ive been using adderall a few times (i dont have ADHD or anything, just to have fun without alcohol at private parties). I realy liked the social effects the drug gave me, will I feel basicly the same thing if I use Ritalin? Cos i cant find any adderall, only a bunch of people selling ritalin.

One response:

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adderall is better but ritalin is still very good but you should snort the ritalin seriously ask every one snorting ritalin is Way better than just swallowing it … yep yep take the ritalin don’t be like ‘no I want adderall not ritalin’ don’t worry about it you will like ritalin just as much

The trivialization of Adderall and its possible side effects — by national publications like Wired, and even by some doctors — is highly irresponsible. Adderall is becoming more popular with abusers than Ritalin ever was. It’s a drug that carries real risks, and as such, should never be taken as a recreational drug. It’s habit-forming and can promote dependency among abusers.

I would argue that it is also irresponsible to prescribe it for weight loss; how about prescribing eating less instead?

In terms of treating ADHD, it’s most common legitimate use, Adderall is an amphetamine that affects brain chemicals and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control. Adderall is an alternative to Ritalin, a methylplenidate and still the most commonly prescribed ADHD medication in children and adults.

Since reactions to the drugs we take are different for every individual, doctors often use Adderall as a Plan B when Ritalin is not effective, or vice versa. Looking at studies online, this comparison by Dr. Marc D. Schwartz found Adderall more effective for adult ADD. Another found Adderall slightly more effective in treating teenagers.

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0 thoughts on “Adderall is for ADHD (wink, wink)

  • Why are we promoting anti-depressant drugs to our children to help them ‘boost their cognitive output’? They are nothing more than prescription addiction drugs. Get with it people, who’s going to be running the world in the next generation? Eli Lilly?

  • I’m a responsible 25 years young student with a 3.7+GPA that legally and regularly takes Adderall. It allows me to fully concentrate on and understand a subject. This increased understanding is what allows our new and future leaders to make smarter decisions vs. bashing things with a club like in your days Bill. And although I might not like you and opinion, I’ll still give you equal options as one of the future leaders of world. Also, those that decide to use drugs and reach negative outcomes, will most likely end up running a cubical , not the world. In Bill’s terms, saying that Eli Lilly will run the world because they(among a number of other companies) manufacture medication for people, is the same as saying that Arm & Hammer will run the world because they manufacture baking soda(probably used by most people).

  • Thank you it’s because of stuff like this that makes it even harder for legitimate ADHD sufferers. (and for future commenters who consider ADHD as a gift, whoop dee doo, for me it’s pain and suffering. It doesn’t just affect me academically, it affects my love life, my social life, my work life, even my sleep)
    These drugs do not really raise your cognition, it makes it easier for me as an ADHD to be able to use what I have which is a lot but because of the ADHD it’s difficult to use.

    And ironically for a stimulant, ritalin and similar CALMS me down because I have ADHD

  • I agree with both it is a blessing and a curse! I had troubles as a youth but I got good grades but didnt fully finsih college, it was a struggel and ya I smashed my room too. But self control and self exploration it worked for me! I figured out how to juggel allot at once and im in sales so it came in handy that the conversations never when silent! I own a business and I could always of done more and better in life but I didnt do to bad. find what works for you god gave us gifts and you just need to find your calling! I couldnt sit still so I did outside sales where I was always moving around. But I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and the only reason I even went was because my son suffered at the same times at the same ages in school with day dreaming and lack of work. Ive taken stimulants and the ease of work is night and day! I get the work done reports proposals in half the time! Id didnt see the social plus with them I actually felt that it made me more dul but I dont interupt peopl on it like i do with out it! Keep an open mind and what works for one wont for another and the key to not getting with drawls or addicted is only take it when you need it! Only take it when its time to study or do hard core desk work and you’ll be fine!

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