ABC News: Beware of prescription savings clubs

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There are a number of good, money-saving prescription drug card programs out there, which will tell you about in our upcoming e-book. But there are also some scams out there — which ABC investigated in this report. An excerpt:

More than 45 million Americans do not have prescription drug insurance. And some have turned to online prescription drug service companies that offer help getting prescription drugs inexpensively in exchange for a fee. Online companies promoting cheap prescription drugs may be misleading…

Without insurance, Andrea [Melnick] was left to try and get pricey epilepsy medications, which cost up to $800 a month, on her own. Andrea looked for help online and found a company called Select Care Benefits Network.

“It sounded perfect,” she said. “It says on their Web site you can get your drugs cheaper.” She said the company offered to get all her drugs for just $30 a month. Andrea paid the company a total of $365, but over the next 10 months, she received only one voucher for a two-month supply of one of her drugs…

According to the Better Business Bureau, when she complained, Andrea became only one of 111 people who filed complaints against the company. Brandon Todd, president of Select Care Benefits Network, told “Good Morning America” that he was “aware” of the complaints, but claimed the company completed its services.

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The ABC report advised consumers to try the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA), a program run by Big Pharma that helps people like Andrea, who meet income and other eligibility requirements. Andrea could have simply gone here to get started.

Unfortunately, as members well know, most Americans without prescription drug insurance do not meet the requirements for PPA assistance.

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0 thoughts on “ABC News: Beware of prescription savings clubs

  • I remember stumbling upon SCBN some time ago, truly a suspect set-up. Once upon a time I considered opening ‘shop’ as a patient advocate who helps people find and submit forms for assistance programs. I wanted to do this primarily because of my frustrating experience in doing that very same thing for myself. But online businesses such as SCBN gave me pause.

    Now, I am compelled to say that this piece on GMA makes for a good commercial for PPArx. I’ve dealt with them too and my experience left much to be desired. I would never suggest folks go there for actual help.

    I prefer using to research available programs. Their information is kept up-to-date and trustworthy. They are a site which helps those advocates (and patients) who are helping patients (or themselves).

    With PPArx, the person I spoke with couldn’t understand English well, much less the names of drugs. When I finally received my packet of applications, it included only one application for a program for which I knew I didn’t qualify. Then it included the contact info for another program I had already stated had turned me down. And did not include the program which I had originally called to inquire about.

    But you know what? PPArx can count that I was one more person whom they assisted in finding help, just because I was on the phone.

    OK, I’m stepping off my soap box now. Rant over. Thanks.

  • I agree with Lisa. SCBN does seem suspect, but truth is, there are several legit companies that will do the leg work for you and for a reasonable price. PAP’s have such confusing paperwork and all seem to have different requirements, I have just found that it is easier to let someone else deal with the headaches.

    I found a good blog with some interesting info about PAP’s, discount drugs, Canadian drugs, etc. that has a ton of info and ideas.

    Also, as far as legit companies that can provide assistance go here . Oh, and they speak English just fine. Easy to deal with and very helpful.

  • WARNING this co. promises help, in reality they just wat access to your money from the start before they send anypaperwork & they take money out the same day. The program they send is not what they state and when you call to terminate & return their member packet they state they say they earned all the money (in my case $150.) even tho they said membership fee was $50. the $100. was for the first payment for meds. They ae a rip off co. There must be other help out there for people who can’t afford their meds.

  • It’s a shame that there are companies out there that will take advantage of people, but somethings will never change and deception is one of them. I have no insurance and affording my prescription drugs can get costly. About a year ago I found a website called In addition to their drug coupons, they also offer a free (yes, I said free) discount drug card that significantly reduces my out of pocket xpenses. The card can only be used on prescription medicines not covered by insurance. So if you have no insurance like myself, this should help you.

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