70 illegal Internet pharmacy Web sites shut down in sting

Medical Web Services, an Internet pharmacy operation that ran 70 illegal internet pharmacy Web sites, was busted this week in Cedar Rapids, Iowa — and the feds are seeking $41 million in proceeds from the alleged rogue internet pharmacy operation.

What were these Web sites doing illegally? Allegedly, they were distributing Schedule III and Schedule IV substances via online questionnaires. According to the indictment, which named six participants in the operation:

Internet customers logged onto one of the domain names owned, operated, hosted, or linked to Medical Web Services and placed orders for prescription drugs. The customers completed a short health history questionnaire and provided credit card payment information. The customers’ identities were not verified, nor were customers required to submit any medical records, as part of the ordering process. . . . The doctors approved the prescription drug orders without examining any of the customers, and in the vast majority of cases, without reviewing any medical records.

Read the AP story and the U.S. Department of Justice press release.

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You can also find more information on the case at attorney Benjamin Gluck’s Internet Pharmacy Law blog.

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