7 Easy Tips on How to Save Money on Prescriptions without Insurance

Whether you are in excellent or moderate health, you need to go to the doctor from time to time. Those who are frequently ill recognize the importance of these visits. Unfortunately, you do not have health insurance. Therefore, it is important to learn how to save money on prescriptions without insurance.

1.) Low Cost Clinics
In your community, you likely have a couple of clinics that offer prescriptions for low or no cost. The exact prescriptions that you’re able to get depend upon the nature of the facility. These places are designed specifically for people who have no health insurance plans, so they understand your needs and have a variety of plans that are suitable for your personal health situation. Call before you go to get a sense of what they have to offer to you.

2.) Generic Brands
Now, you might not have such clinics or the ones in your community do not have the prescription that you need. If you were to look at the ingredients in the fancy brand as opposed to the generic one, you would likely find that they are the same. Therefore, ask for the generic brand of the prescription to save a decent amount of money. You can ask your doctor for more information if you are concerned about the differences.

3.) Discount Cards
The next time you are at the local drugstore, do not say no to that discount card. Of course, you do not want to sign up for a credit card if you are in financial trouble, but most of these are not credit based. Instead, when you go to the store, you swipe the card, and you have the possibility to receive rewards. Before signing up for the card, find out if you are able to use them for prescription drug purposes. Some stores have limitations on them.

4.) Look Into Samples
You should explain your financial situation to the doctor, and he or she might have some samples available for you. The samples could be enough to get your through whatever ailment you are facing. If they do not, at least it will reduce the amount that you need to purchase. Some limitations exist to this plan. For example, if you need to take a certain prescription for several months or the remainder of your life, samples are only a temporary solution.

5.) Talk to the Drugstore
Additionally, it’s important to discuss your situation with the drugstore. You might be uncomfortable revealing that you have no health insurance to complete strangers, but it can benefit you. You might be completely unaware of specific programs that the drugstore has for individuals who are in your situation. They could have payment plans, for example, so you need not pay for the entire prescription upfront.

6.) Shop Around for The Best Deal
You don’t have to go to the drugstore that your family has been attending for years. Instead, you can check out what the prices are at different drugstores in your neighborhood or use a free cost-comparison engine like eDrugSearch.com, where consumers usually save around 72% on U.S. retail drug prices.

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Different pharmacies in your area should be able to give you at least an estimate of the price over the phone. Remember, if you are spending a ton of gas to driving all over the county and waiting in long lines, it will probably be better to purchase your medications online and put that money back into your overall saving. Just be sure to carefully weigh out the different options that you have.

7.) Looking for a New Job
Not all of these suggestions are going to work for every person, so you might need to take matters more into your own hands. If your job does not have health benefits, it is time to find out if you can obtain them or to start looking for a new position entirely. Perhaps you are out of work and cannot find a full-time job. Another way to learn how to save money on prescriptions without insurance is to get a part-time job. Some of these jobs will provide you with benefits.

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Obtaining prescription drugs is something that many people need to do to take care of their health. Unfortunately, when you do not have health insurance, this task can be so difficult and trying. Now, you know how to save money on prescriptions without insurance, and you can try out these different methods next time you fall ill.

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