50 ways to save money for the cash-strapped consumer

I came across this excellent post on Thomas Hawk’s blog. If you’re pinching pennies these days, you must read it.

Here are a few of Tom’s 50 tips:

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  • Unplug appliances part of the time when not in use. Also unscrew lightbulbs in some places instead of just turning the light off. This especially will help with young children who are not always so good at turning lights off when they are done.
  • Try to find free things to do. Watch a kids baseball game (this also reduces stress, watching them play). Go hear a free lecture at a bookstore by an author. Feed the ducks with old bread at the lake. Have a picnic. Play chess or other board games that you pick up for cheap at a local garage sale. Go to a gallery opening for an artist (oftentimes there is free wine and food there too).
  • Track every expense for a month. Write down or save receipts for literally everything, even the $2 frozen yogurt that you bought last Tuesday. Sit down and review all of these expenses at the end of the month and try to figure out what you can cut out.
  • Always ask for generic prescription drugs instead of the name brand when you fill your prescription.
  • Compare drug prices online. Is there something that you found that you really want to buy? Check online first to see if you can buy it cheaper (remember to factor in shipping and tax costs).

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  • Very helpful list of tips you found, Cary. I am frugal by nature and much of this article was things that I already do, but there were a few that were new to me. I’m always looking for new ways to cut back on expenses.

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