This 30 Day PushUp Challenge Will Totally Transform Your Body

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Pushups may not be the most enjoyable activity, but it seems they’ve been given a bad rap.

There is a reason that pushups have remained a staple in most workout routines; they are an excellent way to tighten and tone the upper body and abdomen while strengthening the core.

Pushups are difficult because they engage numerous muscles, which is a good thing! Exercise is supposed to be challenging, and pushing through the pain gets you that much closer to the body you’ve always wanted.

The pushup has stood the test of time for several reasons. They are relatively uncomplicated and do not require any additional equipment.

According to the Australian Better Health Channel, your body provides sufficient resistance for muscle strengthening.

You can also increase the number of consecutive pushups as your endurance increases, which helps avoid hitting a plateau in your workout.

Once you have successfully completed this 30 day pushup challenge, you’ll be capable of doing 45 consecutive pushups!

How to Do a PushUp Correctly

Before you get started, it’s important that you know the correct way to do a pushup. This may seem like common sense, but proper form is essential for pushups to be effective.

Done correctly, pushups will work your arms, chest, back, shoulders and core. The Mayo Clinic provides some easy-to-follow instructions on the correct way to do a pushup.

  1. Begin by placing your hands and feet flat on the floor, a little more than shoulder-width apart. You should be looking directly down at the floor. Be sure to keep your back flat, not arched or curved, and keep your legs straight.
  2. As you lower yourself to the floor, try to keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle.
  3. Push your body back up into the original position.

For anyone with questions about proper pushup form, take a look at PopSugar fitness video below.

Why Are Pushups Important?

You may be questioning the value of such a seemingly one-dimensional exercise.

Truth be told, the simplicity of a pushup is part of its appeal.

Many people have very little upper-body strength, and pushups are the only exercise that allows you to concentrate on building upper-body strength and endurance.

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Far from a one-trick-pony, this basic exercise has a variety of health benefits:

  • Better posture
  • Enhanced heart health
  • Improved general health
  • Increased upper-body strength
  • Reduced pain in the lower back
  • Decreased risk of injury to upper-body

The 30 Day PushUp Challenge

Before you begin the 30 day pushup challenge, there are some important things to keep in mind.

  • Be sure not to arch or dip your back
  • Keep your body flat, straight and stiff
  • Do your best not to take breaks between pushups
  • Remember not to raise your bottom or let it sink down
  • Take the time to stretch before you start and after you’ve finished
  • Slow and steady! Form and control are far more important than speed

Day 1 – 5 pushups
Day 2 – 6 pushups
Day 3 – 7 pushups
Day 4 – 8 pushups
Day 5 – 9 pushups
Day 6 – 10 pushups
Day 7 – Rest
Day 8 – 11 pushups
Day 9 – 12 pushups
Day 10 – 13 pushups
Day 11 – 14 pushups
Day 12 – 15 pushups
Day 13 – 16 pushups
Day 14 – Rest
Day 15 – 18 pushups
Day 16 – 20 pushups
Day 17 – 22 pushups
Day 18 – Rest
Day 19 – 26 pushups
Day 20 – 28 pushups
Day 21 – 30 pushups
Day 22 – Rest
Day 23 – 34 pushups
Day 24 – 36 pushups
Day 25 – 38 pushups
Day 26 – 40 pushups
Day 27 – Rest
Day 28 – 40 pushups
Day 29 – 42 pushups
Day 30 – 45 pushups

That’s it!

Simply follow this schedule, and in only 30 days you will be doing pushups like a professional.

After completing this challenge, you should be able to do 45 or more consecutive pushups.

30 days is all it takes for this basic exercise to begin transforming your body.

Before & After Push-Up Challenge

Share this workout with your friends for a great way to stay motivated and challenge each other. Please also inspire others by sharing your results in the comment section below.

How did the 30 day pushup challenge help you?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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30 Day PushUp Challenge

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