Big Pharma turns to reformulation to maximize ROI

Want the real truth about Big Pharma’s R&D, which is the industry’s excuse for high drug prices?

From Pharmaceutical Business Review:

With drug pipelines yielding fewer blockbusters and profits from branded drugs being increasingly eroded by generic incursion, pharmaceutical companies are looking to maximize the return on investment of their drugs that do make it to market. Consequently, reformulation has become a common defense by drug makers to prolong the lifecycle of their top sellers … From 2002-2005, 39% of the total product launches from the 50 top manufacturers were reformulations … With product development pipelines looking increasingly barren … pharmaceutical companies must ensure they maximize revenues of existing brands.

Does it sound like this R&D is about helping you or about helping Big Pharma’s profits?

Here’s a hint: you’re an afterthought.

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