The Best Detox Drink Takes 2-Minutes to Make and Has 5 Major Benefits

Best Detox Drink - Raw Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar`

Detox or cleansing drinks are one of the most popular trends in health today. Prominent health experts like Dr. Oz recommend using a natural detox drink as a way to increase your energy level and detoxify your skin.

Another popular option is the detoxifying colon cleanse. According to WebMD, colon cleanses have existed since ancient Greece, where they were used to clear the body of undigested food and mucus.

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These days, it’s believed that colon cleanses can also combat headaches, fatigue, weight gain, and low energy. Evidence also suggests that bowel health affects the nervous system, meaning colon cleanses can also improve a person’s immune system and overall mental health.

Kerby Mellon of the Healthy Body 23 blog says, drinking a simple homemade solution of apple cider and vinegar is one of the easiest ways to cleans your colon, so its a great way to start your day feeling more fresh and balanced.

Mellon has created many popular YouTube videos, including the raw honey and apple apple cider vinegar Detox Drink (see below), in which she shows viewers how to make an energizing colon cleanse to give you a boost each morning.

5 Major Benefits of Detox Drinks

  1. Supports Digestions & Weight Loss
  2. Boosts Your Energy Level
  3. Promotes Healthier Skin
  4. Reduces Inflammation
  5. Cleanses Your Liver

Best Detox Drink Recipe

This 3-step detox drink recipe is super easy:

  1. Start by heating 8 oz. of water in the microwave or tea kettle.
  2. Then, add 2 Tbsp. of unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar to the heated water.
  3. Lastly, stir in 1 Tbsp. of organic raw honey into the water/vinegar mixture.

Reader Tip: According to Dr. Mercola, if you put the honey in while it’s too hot, you’ll likely kill all the benefits of the raw honey—It has to be below 95 degrees.

Helpful Detox Drink Recipe Tips

  • Be sure to look for USDA organic honey; look for honey that looks “clumped up, not liquid.”
  • Raw honey, she says, has more vitamins and enzymes that make it better for you than store-bought honey.
  • Raw honey also has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, and never contains any high-fructose corn syrup; read more about the health benefits of raw vs. processed honey by

Once you’ve made this mixture, it’s ready to drink!

Best Detox Drink DIY Video

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If you put the honey in while it’s too hot you kill the benefits of the raw honey. It has to be below 95 degrees.

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