A Digg for pharma news

From Germany comes this press release:

World Pharma News project is launching a Web 2.0 pharmaceutical news platform, named as well World Pharma News but with attached ‘.net’ extension. Web 2.0 generally represents knowledge-oriented social-networking platforms focused first of all on collaborative approaches.

“We know that it is a very ambitious initiative but we trust in the power and in the flexibility of the coming Web 2.0 pharmaceutical solutions/interfaces, we sincerely hope that in the nearest future the term ‘Pharma 2.0’ will sound as well appropriate as the terms Web 2.0 or Health 2.0”, assumed World Pharma News .net administrator.

World Pharma News .net, by being based on the well known open source software, is following the Web 2.0 strategy of hosting, supporting and motivating the online content submission (pharmaceutical news articles). Additionally, the launched platform looks very similar to the known Digg.com presence. The main differences are the design and in special the targeted pharmaceutical sector which makes World Pharma News .net the first worldwide Web 2.0 pharmaceutical news platform.

“All Internet users interested in the next appearance of the ‘pharma’ domain, called by us ‘Pharma 2.0’, are very welcome to explore World Phamra News .net and in special to register, submit or to vote the collected and published news articles”, said project administrator.

OK, we know something sounds lost in translation there, but the site itself is interesting. Think Digg for pharma.

For more info contact Ruslan David at ruslan.david@gmail.com. Good luck, Ruslan.

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Dear Cary, many thanks for your wishes and for sharing our release!

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