10 signs it’s time to find a new pharmacy

The always amusing Pharmacy Chick, a retail pharmacist, is not shy about pointing out when customers get on her nerves.

She recented posted her…

Top 10 ways you can tell you are no longer welcome at a pharmacy

Here they are:

10. You tell them your name is John Smith and they ask you to spell your name…twice.

9. Your pharmacy is out of everything you order, every month.

8. You find your child resistant bottles glued shut

7. The pharmacy staff seems all to happy to give you a 3 or 6 months supply of medication

6. Nobody says hello but everybody enthusiastically waves goodbye when you leave

5. If you special order something and ask when it will arrive, they respond “when Hell freezes over”.

4. When you call the pharmacy they always put you on hold, and never come back.

3. You’ve been coming to the pharmacy for 20 years and while you recognize everybody, they dont recognize you.

2. You call the pharmacy to ask when they close and they ask you, when are you coming in?! and they always “close” the hour before you want.

And the number one reason you can tell you are no longer welcome at your pharmacy

1. When you come to the counter, all the pharmacy staff huddles to draw straws and the one with the short straw has to wait on you.

I bet you never knew pharmacists had such thoughts — did you?

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every retail pharmacist has these thoughts about certain people., however..its supposed to be a humor piece …
THE pharmacy chick

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